Drive-Thru Parade

As a society, our creativity is part of what brings us advances. During this pandemic and time of physical distancing, we pivoted to drive-by celebrations. During Memorial Day weekend, I had the privilege of filming two drive-by celebrations. Here is a baby shower!

As I filmed, it dawned on me, again, the unique perspective that is possible with a drone. Since a drone must be far away from its subject (partly for safety reasons), it becomes possible to see, truly, the many people out to show their love!

Barrett Creek Townhomes – Twilight

This shot was taken less than 30 minutes after sunset to test out the supplemental lighting on my drone. An anti-collision light on top and a set of navigation lights will help you determine the orientation of your drone with no ambiguity and without looking at the screen!

Barrett Creek Townhomes

Less than 36 hours before this image was captured, it was snowing … enough for the kids to make snowmen! I had wanted to get a picture of the snow-covered rooftops, but that pesky cloud cover just would not go above 500 ft.!